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                     NATIONAL SYMBOLS

National Flower: “Ratchaphruek“ (or golden shower)

Ratchaphruek is chosen as national flower because it is widely known to Thais, which it can be plant and seen anywhere throughout the country. It bears beautiful cluster-shaped flowers in summer. The color of flowers is shining yellow contrasting great importance similarly to the color of our national religion ‘Buddhism' and the color of Monday when His Majesty King of Thailand was born.

National Animal: “Chang Thai” (or Thai elephant)

Thai elephant is selected as national animal because it has maintained close link with Thai history and custom, it has a long life, and it is closely related to the livelihood of Thai people as one of transportation means both in times of peace and battles. Especially, ‘white elephant' is deeply connected to King of Thailand, and white elephant was portrayed in the former national flag.

Thai tradition abounds with examples of the elephant playing an important role in the workings of the Kingdom. Most significant of all, perhaps, is the white elephant, prized because it is a rare animal judged fit only for royal duties.

According to ancient royal Thai traditions, a white elephant is a noble beast of special importance, exemplifying a king's honor and glory. Known in Thai as Chang Samkhan, a white elephant is a gift fit for a king and to acquire one during his reign, will bring about prosperity and happiness throughout the kingdom.

National Architecture: “Sala Thai” (or Thai-style arbor)

Sala Thai reflects knowledge of Thai people. It retains beauty, which is different from architectures of other countries, and foreigners can acknowledge ‘Thai-ness' through Sala Thai. 




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